Why Fans are unable to post on Mimi Sipendi Ujinga Memes Group


Admin had created a Facebook group for Members and fans of Mimi Sipendi Ujinga to post funny Memes and videos.

But unfortunately,the Admin stopped and restricted members from posting on the group for the last 2 months and still counting.

For those who are hearing about this for the first time.Below is the link to the Group


Why Admin restricted and stopped Members from Posting?

Mimi Sipendi Ujinga Memes group on Facebook has over 194K followers.The page was fairing well and selected pre-approved members were able to post without Admin approval.

One of the member decided to abuse the feature and post Nud3 Photos that did not sit well with Admin.

If you are not aware, Admin has a rule policy of not posting nud3 or p0rn on the group.This is measure taken in place to avoid issues with Mark Zuckerberg rules and community guidelines on Facebook.

The group was actually run by fans and Admin never posts or monitor the posts or contents posted on the Group.I trusted people i have pre-approved to post while following the rules of the Group.

This was a big blunder, some members posted content that goes against Facebook policies. To avoid any future issues, admin restricted everyone from posting till further notice.

This action was taken as admin is busy and have no time to babysit the page which has fully grown men and women who know what is right and wrong.

After many users complained on inbox that they are unable to view new Memes or post on the Group,decided to share with you guys whats going on.

Going Forward, after many users requested to allow users post on the group,i have some irreducible minimums for those who want to post on the group.Will be opening the group back with condition if you want to post make sure to inbox, detailing you know Facebook rules and assure the Admin you will only post Memes and Funny Videos and to follow the Group’s rule.No posting of s3xual or Nud1ty on the group.