Why Instagram Deleted Edgar Obare account Bnn Africa again

Kijana wa Msituni

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YouTuber and Gossip Vlogger, Edgar Obare's Instagram account, @bnnafrica is nowhere to be seen.

"The Tea Master" as he is popularly referred, account has been suspended from Instagram due to violating the Instagram community rules and Guidelines.

This was after he posted posted s3xual content, the post was an advert of this new venture of Kenyans onlyfans version,where ladies can post sexual content and fans pay to watch at a fee.

Seems Edgar is looking for ways to make millions from h0rny individuals by letting them pay 999 to watch all kenyan creators showing EXPLICIT s3xual content.

This is a market than can get anyone to billionaire status if you play your cards right as Kenyans are willing to pay anything to to watch explicit content or p0rnography.

This did not sit well with kenyans prompting them to report the account for advertising p0rnography


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