How to save your bundles on Telegram


Have you been struggling with the consumption of data on Telegram.How your mb gets exhausted on videos you never wanted to see unless you have wifi or subscribed to Mbz mob.

Worry no more, this post will guide you on how to save Mbz.. download only the videos you want to watch.

When you download Telegram automatic settings are to download videos so long as you have data or Mbz.This is bad for those who live on less than 100 mbz per day.

Follow the steps below to disable the download and save your Mbz.

Step 1
Go to setting as per the screenshot below

Step 2
Go to data and Storage

Step 3

Turn the buttons off by scrolling to the left on the tab for automatic download.Then from there you are good to go only videos you want to watch you can comfortably download when you have enough data or on a wifi connection.

You can also disable stream and video audio files..You will also save more data

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