How to create space on your phone using the Telegram App


I know many of you have trouble with your phones having less space after using Telegram app for a while.

You delete the videos but still the space is low.This is because there is a data that is saved behind the scene in form of cache that will enable you to view the videos photos later without downloading.

For those who dont know all the videos photos and documents uploaded on Telegram are saved on cloud.Once you delete the cache you can still access later the videos and photos but you will have to download again.

Much of the space is in cache, no need to stress about it..Follow this steps below and you will be blown away by the amount of space you will save on your phone.


Step 1.
Go to the settings as shown below Courtesy of MemeQueenKE.


Step 2
Go to data and storage.


Step 3.

Go to clear Telegram Cache as circled below

Step 4.

Select which items you want to removed from cache..Mine is as you can see below is totalling to 484.2 MB ….Once you tap on cache wait for few minutes to complete

For those who dont know cache is temporary saved photos and videos stored on your phone that enables you to view quickly the video and photos that was posted on Telegram without necessarily downloading it again.

Is telegram exhausting your bundles/Data on videos and photos you had not planned to watch or download…Worry no more here are the steps to change ndio ukue able to download videos when you have bundles or on a wifi network…Hii itakusave Mbz mob ukichange this Telegram settings..Soma hii link>>>